We been arround since the internet was a baby

Built our first webpage in 1996

Excellence is never an accident. It is always a result of sincere effort, intelligent direction, and the vision to see that there are no obstacles, only opportunities. Over 20 yrs of experience to guide you towards your target market and organizational goals.
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Born in Brookyn, NY - Headquartered in NW Georgia

Headquartered in Rome, GA , with a reach unbound

A vision decades in the making. With a client list spanning across the globe. We also cross industries. We are here to help to reach your goals, start a new chapter, expand your client base, etc
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TENDO technologies was the brain child of Founder and CEO, Lamante Attaud. In Sept 1996 he opened his first "internet" account with pipeline.com. It was a small community of mostly nerds and programmers like himself. That year, using his background in Fortran and C++ began teaching himself HTML. Using IRC chat (a predecessor to modern messaging programs), he learned quickly creating his first web page. It was a single page, with a white background and a single burgundy rectangle placed in the center. From that day until now he has loved the ever evolving world wide web.

In 2004, He stepped out in faith with the encouragement of his first client and mentor, Phillip Gaines of Hi-Tech Signs. After eliminating all obstacles the final one was the need for a client. Phillip wrote him a check that day and TENDO was off the launch pad. Lamante became active with the Rome Chamber, serving 7 years on the board. He also served on many of its committees. He has served on several non profit boards including the Community Criminal Justice Foundation, South Rome Redevelopment Association, Domestic Violence Task Force, The Adult Prom benefiting the End to Alzheimer's Disease, among many others.

Lamante's mission has been to help companies and organizations of any size across to globe. From the local "insurance guy" to the New York fashion event agency to a major global manufacturer, and everything in between. His passion for puzzles and programming is the fuel that keeps the TENDO engine going strong. With the assistance of his marketing gladiators, TENDO is helping you fight off the competitors, protecting your brand, and expanding your empire.

Expertise + Opportunity = Results

When starting a new business or launching a new product, conducting a marketing analysis is the first step in determining if there is a need or audience for your idea. Knowing the market's needs and how it is currently serviced provides you with key information that is essential in developing your product/service and marketing plan.

Marketing strategies serve as the fundamental underpinning of marketing plans designed to fill market needs and reach marketing objectives. Plans and objectives are generally tested for measurable results.

Excellence is never an accident. It is always a result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction, skilled execution and the vision to see that there are no obstacles, only opportunities. Our Marketing Consultants create a marketing strategy to channel your unique message into a one-of-a- kind strategy.