• Half Century Studios

    The digital media division of TENDO technologies, was developed to meet the increasing demand for digital marketing media and marketing tools.

  • Commercial Photography

    Excellence is never an accident. It is always a result of sincere effort, intelligent direction, and the vision to see that there are no obstacles, only opportunities.

  • Video Production

    Your Brand is your Business. TENDO is will stand by your organization from its marketing strategy's inception, implementation, on to its expansion

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Half Century Studios - Photography Examples

  • 100yr-flood-romega-01
  • 100yr-flood-romega-02
  • 100yr-flood-romega-03
  • 100yr-flood-romega-04
  • 100yr-flood-romega-05
  • 100yr-flood-romega-06
  • 100yr-flood-romega-07
  • 100yr-flood-romega-08
  • clocktower-romega-01
  • clocktower-romega-02
  • clocktower-romega-03
  • clocktower-romega-04
  • romega-01
  • romega-02
  • romega-03
  • romega-04
  • Watersports-01
  • Watersports-02
  • Watersports-03
  • Watersports-04
  • Watersports-05
  • Watersports-06
  • Watersports-07
  • Watersports-08

Why Create a Division Focused on Digital Media Creation

  • The Half Century Studios Philosophy

    We are obsessed with simplifying the complex. We thrive on innovative, groundbreaking ideas. Like the best entrepreneurs, we employ a fail-fast attitude. We’re always trying new things.

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A Few of Half Century's Newest Clients


A Few of Our Digital Presentation Clients


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